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Red Carpet Facial – For a Celebrity-like Glow!

Red Carpet Facial

You’ve probably heard of the Red Carpet Facial, a glow and anti-aging treatment that’s very popular in Hollywood for obvious reasons. In fact, it is the standard treatment that most of the Celebriries follow before any important event (awards, premieres, parties), when they know they will be photographed on the red carpet – and therefore, they want to be flawless.

This specific treatment includes a series of smaller treatments, with the aim of smoothing fine lines and optimal appearance of wrinkles, the exceptional brightness and hydration of the face.

In addition, it aims to deep clean the pores but also effectively helps to improve discolorations and acne marks.

Traditionally, it is done by a doctor or in the beautician using professional products, but these kind of products have recently been launched by various companies for purchase and private use at home.

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What the Red Carpet Facial treatment includes:

There are many variations of this treatment that are proportional to each client’s unique needs and skin type.

Generally though, it involves an exfoliating mask for deep cleansing, usually containing a combination of fruit acids or retinol that intentionally creating a burning sensation.This heat that we feel shows the activity of the ingredients that have been applied and must be extinguished by the application of a soothing mask.

Necessary ingredients that the latter must have are hyaluronic acid, mint and aloe which significantly help the skin to calm down.

Good to know: Of course, apart from the products themselves, the way they are applied to the skin, which must be done with special massage movements, plays a very important role. After all, the face massage significantly helps not only the correct and deeper absorption of the products by the skin, but also the optimal blood circulation, which entails spectacular rejuvenation and glow.

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