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Natural Face lift at Home – Best Facial Ritual

The most effective and economical treatment for a natural face lift at home is a quality 8-hour sleep.

Between midnight and early in the morning, the healing and regenerating power of the skin peaks: Collagen production is enhanced and the damage suffered during the day is repaired.

At the same time, the exfoliation and regeneration of cells intensify. To further enhance the benefits of sleep, we should follow an evening care routine that suits the needs of our skin.

However, there is another method that we can introduce in our program which relaxes the facial muscles, reduces wrinkles, and works as a natural facelift.

Natural Face Lift at Home – The method that improves wrinkles and offers a natural facelift effect on our face.

Facial aromatherapy

Once or twice a week we enrich the evening care routine with this technique which combines the benefits of essential oils with the benefits of massage on the face, neck, and décolleté.
For the process we can use:

  • detoxifying oils and nourishing oils

  • essential oils in combination with a base oil or cream

The application technique

  1. After cleansing, apply the serum and then our night cream.

  2. Wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed.

  3. Heat in your palms for a few seconds a few drops of selected oils. Some of the most effective for the purpose we want to achieve is the essential oils of lavender, evening primrose, rosemary, geranium, jasmine. Also, turmeric and sunflower oil deeply moisturize and detoxify cells.

  4. Take a deep breath and rest your palms on your face.

  5. Do a gentle massage with circular, clockwise movements from the center of the face outwards.

  6. Next, pass to the neck and with downward movements press the keys slightly. The movement will activate the lymph and stimulate the process of elimination of toxins from the body during the night.

Bonus: The method offers a feeling of deep relaxation by reducing stress levels, which leaves a strong imprint on our faces. In addition, it improves the quality of sleep.

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