The True Purpose of Meditation by Shakuntali


Do you actually know what meditation really is about and its true meaning?

Meditation became such a trend that nowadays, everybody seems to meditate. As an Enlightened woman who has founded the International Academy Gyud, Shakuntali is bringing clarity on the subject by explaining the true purpose of meditation.

Even before I knew that meditation exists or what meditation is, I was already practicing meditation. I remember that in my childhood, I often closed my eyes to imagine the adventures of the fairies and people did meet once upon a time.

It felt to me like drifting away into an experience that was somewhere between dreaming and reality and when I was coming back I always was full of energy and new ideas. In this way, I found back to my predestination and mission of helping women and who I am -Shakuntali. Let’s find out together what the true purpose of meditation is.

The Magic of Meditation

First, you have to know, that everything is in our subconsciousness. We are born with all ready everything we need in this world, inside of us. Our task is to reveal this wonderful treasure and express it in this life, this world.

Unfortunately what happens to the majority in daily life is, that people are losing themselves in the experience of other people’s lives, in the doubts, fears, and frustrations that they find in the world.

In order to find back to who we truly are, we most free each other from the knowledge that was put on us from our parents and tutors. We must reconnect with our true self to live a happy and full life. And here we start talking about meditation.

Who are you?
Meditation starts with listening to yourself, experiencing who you truly are and of course by meditating we are improving also our mental and physical state.

Meditation leads to answers about:

who I am?
what do I really want?
It is as well to recommend If you need focus, to concentrate your mind on important things as well If you want to improve your health considerably, meditation will help you with that.

In my Online Temple School and other separate courses of Shakuntali, I go even deeper on this topic and teach you how you can improve your health, be even more successful in life, and live in prosperity. It is designed to awaken and increase your natural Female Energy.

Even though it has become popular to meditate, a lot of people still don’t know all the versatility of meditation. I was very lucky that to my tutor introduced me to a way of meditation that was perfect for me and brought light to my deepest, my most true part of me: Shakuntali

It is very important that you find the ideal master for you. You have to trust your master and he or she has to know you well in order to find the perfect meditation method for you. Then you really will be able to benefit from meditation and experience this wonderful way of self-discovery.

In my retreats and courses, I guide my students to work with their intuition and pick out their meditation themselves on the first try. Just always remember to be patient with yourself.

5 myths of meditation you can say goodbye to:

Meditation doesn’t mean to sit cross-legged on the floor, as far as your back is straight and you feel comfortable you can meditate in any pose you want, even lying on the back.

It is also not true that not everyone can achieve deep states of meditation, in reality, in a guided meditation, all you need to do is just to listen to yourself.

Does the meditation process take a long time? This is up to your individual goal with meditation and what you want to achieve. It can take 10 minutes or 1 hour, but the quality is not related to the duration of the time.

Is Meditation Connected to Religion?

Yes, it is in its essence but nowadays there exists also mental practices with the goal of self-development and these types of meditation can be applied by the people of all religions and views.

Must there be a stop of flow of my thought during the meditation process?

Not in all of the meditation types, there are some medications that are even designed to track every thought you have.

Just start to practice meditation and make your experiences, meditation can make your dreams come true.


Namaste. About the author.
Shakuntali is the Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok Princess, Northern Altai shaman priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of the instant opening of predestination and healing abilities, founder of the International Academy of working with the subconscious “Gyud” and “Online Temple School”. She helps women all around the world to regain their natural health.

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