habits of successful people

4 Habits of Successful People

Is our destiny predetermined or can we take control of it? Are successful persons lucky persons and what are the habits of successful people? 

We tend to believe that we can not control our fate, however, the social scientists disagree as our fate is ultimately multifaceted and depends in part on our own actions to have a lucky and successful life!

Those who are successful and count themselves among the lucky ones in this world are more flexible in their changes and their environment is more open to new experiences.

The explanation is simple: the more opportunities that appear in our journey, the more the positive results are multiplied, which could be defined as “luck”.

Contrary, someone who feels unlucky tends to be more anxious, so he takes fewer risks and is more pessimistic.

4 Habits of Successful People

Academic Richard Wiseman attempted, through a long ten-year study, to determine the role that our decisions play in our fate. According to the results of the study at 400 men and women aged 18 to 84, successful people have the following characteristics:

They observe but also create opportunities.
They act according to their intuition.
They turn setbacks and misfortunes into an advantage (consider them as lessons).
They see the future positively and they know what they want to achieve.


How To Improve Your Luck

Use reverse psychology

 Next time something does not turn out as you expected, instead of asking “why me?“, Ask “why not me?“. From every failure, we take a useful lesson for the future.

Expand your social circle.

Be open to meeting people and making new friends.
Say “yes” more often. When we finally manage to get out of our safety zone and what we already know, then we discover things about ourselves and realize that we can go even further than we ever thought. Watch the life of Carl Allen (Jim Carey) in the movie “Yes Man”.

Cheer up!

Against the gloom of the day, put on your most beautiful smile and observe how much you earn, both psychologically and in a variety of people.
Optimism is a situation that is missing from our daily lives today. But looking at things from a different perspective and taking more risks, good luck and success will come by themselves.

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