hair damage repair

Hair Damage Repair After Summer’s Holidays

Hair damage repair – After (excessive) exposure to the sun, there are many things we need to take care of and moisturize, including our hair.

After all, no one wants to welcome autumn with a frizzy, tangled hairstyle. Our hair is just as sensitive to the sun as our skin. After the summer holidays, they need the right care.

Exposure to direct sunlight (especially for prolonged periods of time) not only damages the hair follicles but also breaks down keratin – a natural protein found in hair. As a result, the heat and the sun affect our hair and make it dull and brittle.

Hair Damage Repair – Tips to Follow

A simple 3-step test will allow you to evaluate the quality of your hair

Step 1 – Is your hair dry?
Well-nourished and healthy hair should be very flexible and not break easily.

To check the strength of your hair, wrap a tuft around your finger and try to stretch it as far as it will go. If the hair breaks easily,

it is an indication that your hair is dehydrated and needs extra nourishment and strengthening.
Another way to check if your hair is dry and sun-damaged is to check if the ends of the hair you are losing are white.

What does the white tip mean? It is essentially the bulb that has come out of the pocket.

Step 2 – Is your hair texture wild-rough?
No one likes a rough texture when it comes to hair. The texture we all aim for is silky, soft. To test their texture, gently run your hands over your hair when it is dry.

In porous hair, the scales of the skin overlap and allow moisture to penetrate and be retained in the hair shaft.

If your hair is not porous, it means that your hair does not allow moisture to penetrate at all. This leads to an accumulation of product on the surface of the hair and on the scalp.

If you have suffered severe sun damage, it is possible for your hair to have a rough texture even when it is dry. It may also be denser at the top, where the majority of sun damage occurs due to constant exposure to direct sunlight.

Step 3 – Is your hair discolored?
When dyed hair is exposed to UVA and UVB rays they change color, while the natural ones become dull.

In case you did not know: UVA penetrates deep into the scalp and hair follicles and UVB (UVB) usually burns your surface layers, skin, and hair.

If you have dark hair, you may have noticed that the hair around the crown of your head has become lighter or that you have brown-red highlights. These are definitely signs of sun damage (probably as a result of UVA) and require immediate attention.

Assuming your hair is not severely damaged, the sooner you can … resurrect your hair, the less likely the damage is to be long-lasting.

Hair Damage Repair – Use the Right Products

Apply a nourishing mask
We recommend: Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

Hair damage repair Maroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

All you need is five minutes to enjoy this intensely moisturizing Moroccanoil mask to rejuvenate your hair.

This high-performance, rich and creamy deep conditioning mask is designed to suit medium to thick, dry hair.

Enriched with antioxidant argan oil and nutrients, it moisturizes and improves the texture, elasticity, shine, and management of hair.

Use hair treatment
We recommend: Kérastase Resistance Blow-Dry Primer for Damaged Hair

Hair Damage Repair – Kerastase Resistance Blow-Dry Primer for Damaged Hair

This excellent serum is ideal for those who want to apply a treatment to their hair but have little time.

Apply it before you go to bed and leave it overnight. If you suffer from the wild hair texture described above, this formula is perfect for you.

Enriched with Iris Root Extract and a blend of 5 vitamins, this product restores the moisture you lost from direct sun exposure.

Reduce the hair washing 
It is very common to wash our hair excessively.

Yes,  too much hair washing is not good!

In fact, it is possible to remove their natural oil (sebum) from the hair, forcing your glands to work overtime to produce even more oil-fat.

This results in a vicious cycle of excessive hair washing that quickly creates greasy hairs.