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How to Add Google Analytics to Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and effective eCommerce platforms for building an online store.

Many people are using this platform to build an online business. Some of them have managed to achieve monumental success while most of the rest are struggling to meet their objectives. What could be the difference between them? Certainly, the effective integration of Google Analytics to the WooCommerce store is a major difference.

Importance of Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

Enhanced eCommerce tracking is essential for your online business. You can add powerful Google Analytics to your WooCommerce store to have an objective performance report of your store. It generates in-depth insights into the shopping behavior of the customers.

Compared to traditional eCommerce tracking, enhanced eCommerce tracking generates more useful and detailed data on customer behavior.

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What to expect with Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking?

If you are using Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking effectively, you can have access to data evaluation based on product categories and brand properties.

This method offers in-depth insights into product page views, and other related aspects including shopping cart initiations, and transactions completed.

Enhanced eCommerce tracking also generates product list performance reports and many other beneficial marketing reports.

Providing all essential data for optimizing your online store and enhance the revenue, Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking takes care of the needs of the WooCommerce online store owners perfectly.

WooCommerse store

How to add Google Analytics to your WooCommerce store using enhanced eCommerce?

You can add powerful Google Analytics to your WooCommerce store by following some simple steps.

1. Set up MonsterInsights Plugin

First of all, you need to install MonsterInsights. This plugin is the most effective and reliable option available. You don’t need to worry about any coding with this Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

You can generate actionable insights that help you optimize the performance of your online store. The process of configuring Google Analytics eCommerce becomes a breeze with the installation of the MonsterInsights plugin.

When you install the MonsterInsights plugin, you need to set up the eCommerce Add-on feature as well. The add-on feature can be activated by choosing Insights and enable Add-on before navigating to eCommerce.

2. Activate Enhanced eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

The next step is to sign up for Google Analytics and choose a trusted site to enable enhanced eCommerce tracking. You need to follow the guidelines carefully. Then, choose Admin’ in the taskbar and go to eCommerce settings.

Once it is done, you should select Sliders’ under the Status category. Enable the Related Products before clicking the Next Step’ button.

For the eCommerce setup, you have to tap on the slider under Enhanced eCommerce Settings. Then the Submit button should be clicked.

3. Activate Enhanced eCommerce in MonsterInsights

After returning to your WordPress dashboard, you need to go to MonsterInsights. Insights/Settings/eCommerce/ then select Use Enhanced eCommerce.

When you complete this task, the add-on begins to track your WooCommerce store automatically. Depending on the data, you can start making decisions to grow your online store.

4. Assess the performance of your online store based on real data

MonsterInsights will optimize the performance of your WooCommerce store efficiently. You can check the report by choosing Insights/Report/eCommerce. You can find detailed information on a wide range of aspects including conversion rates, revenue, transactions, and order value. Based on your preferences, the data range can be altered.

The Top Products’ report shows the fast-moving items with stats like the total ordered quantity, sales percentage, and the income generated. Based on this report, you can choose the products to be promoted to increase revenue and profit.

When you add Google Analytics to your WooCommerce store using the MonsterInsights plugin, you will also get insightful information like Top Conversion Sources, Total Add to Carts, Time to Purchase report, and Session to Purchase reports.

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