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Google Analytics Reports – How to Share Them With Others

Sharing solid data may be a good way to realize the trust of consumers, clients, team members, and potential business partners. But you’ll need to grant them access to your account, in order that they can view the Google Analytics reports. Since your website data is confidential, sharing access is often difficult. That said, you’ll still share your required Analytics reports with them.

In this post, you will find the best way to share your Google Analytics reports with others without having to give access permission to your account. 

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Why would you like to Share Your Google Analytics Data?

Showing solid statistics and data is one of the foremost effective ways to convince people over to your side. Here are a couple of situations where you would possibly need to share your Google Analytics reports:

Share Performance Reports with Clients – If you’re a workplace that handles many purchasers, then you’ll easily share your Google Analytics reports keeping them updated on their site’s performance.

Keep Team Members & Other Departments Updated – sometimes you would possibly need to share these reports with other team members in your organization to keep them updated on different stats without having to offer access to Google Analytics.

Form Partnerships with Other Websites – If you’re getting to form a partnership with another company, then they’ll presumably invite your website statistics. So sharing specific reports is safe and easier.

Increase Website Conversions – you’ll convert a possible customer into a buyer by showing them what percentage of people are already using your product and for a way long.

But granting permission to Google Analytics isn’t safe. So, how are you able to safely share your reports? Let’s plow ahead and see the way to share Google Analytics reports with others hassle-free.

How to Share Google Analytics Reports.

To easily share your reports without having to stress about giving access to your Analytics account, here are some simple ways you’ll try.

1. Get Weekly Website Stats with Email Summaries. Do your clients require weekly performance reports of your website? Are you occupied with numerous tasks that you simply don’t have time to see Google Analytics? With MonsterInsights Email Summaries you’ll easily solve this issue. You’ll get important stats on your website delivered straight to your email inbox.

The report is straightforward to read and understand. It helps you retain an eye fixed on how is your website performing, so you’ll make data-driven decisions. To view them, attend your WordPress dashboard then navigate to Insights » Settings » Advanced.

Now scroll to Email Summaries. Here you’ll add up to five email addresses to send the e-mail summaries and send a test email. and therefore the better part, you’ll customize the header to feature your brand logo to offer a private touch to your reports. This is useful as you’ll add your agency logo and send weekly reports to your clients.

So, the skills their website is doing and also value your diligence.

2. Export Your Google Analytics Reports as PDFs. With the MonsterInsights plugin on your website, you can easily download any report as a PDF file and share it with any person of your choice.

You do not need to use the print preview mode to download your MonsterInsights reports. the matter with this old method was that you’d need to spend several hours trying to repair the formatting. That’s because graphs and numbers would be everywhere in the place.

But all that has changed with the Export PDF Report option. There you’ll see all of your MonsterInsights reports. Simply click on the button and obtain properly formatted reports to share with others.

3. Give Permission to look at Google Analytics Reports. Now, there could be occasions where you’d need to give access to your Google Analytics account, so others may even see the reports.

But you’ll control different user roles and permit only a couple of people to look at Google Analytics reports. you’ll also control who can save settings in Analytics and who can’t. And make this process simple and efficient, you’ll use MonsterInsights.

It helps you easily manage Google Analytics permissions from your WordPress dashboard. Just attend Insights » Settings » Advanced then navigate to Permissions. Here you’ll see which user roles can view reports, save settings, and which roles are excluded from tracking.

4. Share Google Analytics Reports in Other File Formats. We’ve already shown you ways MonsterInsights helps you download your Analytics reports as PDF. But what if you would like it in another format to perform more analysis? In Google Analytics, you’ll export a report as Google Sheets, Excel file, or CSV format. You can download your data, clean it, and format it according to your needs. Then you can easily share them with others.

To get started, you’ll get to log into your Google Analytics account. Then, navigate to a report you would like to share.

Within the top right corner, you’ll find an Export option for every report in Google Analytics. Click on the Export option and choose the file type you wish to export. After that, it will automatically download the report.

 Share the report with your customers or partners easily by sharing a Google Drive folder or by emailing it to them.

And that’s it!

Hope this article helped you to find out the way to share your Google Analytics reports with others. 



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