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How to Create Easy Event Tracking with Google Analytics .

If you are a blogger or a site owner, I am sure you will want to know how to measure the effectiveness of your call-to-action tabs and vital links. In order to know that, you must have clear cut ideas on how to set up Google Analytics custom events tracking in WordPress.

For the uninitiated, it can be a daunting task. That is exactly where the importance of using the custom link attribution feature of MonsterInsights plugin comes in.

This method makes the process of setting up Google Analytics custom event tracking in WordPress amazingly easy.

A brief introduction of Google Analytics custom events

Events refer to the interactions of the users with content such as flash elements, button clicks, video plays, and downloads. When you track these events, you will get to know how visitors interact with the site content.

It offers many insightful details on content quality and conversions. You can make data-driven decisions and improve the performance of your site.

An event comes with 3 important components: namely event category, event action, and event label.

An example of the event category is CTA or Call-to-Action button. An example of event action is Click.

The event label refers to extra information about the events you want to track. One good example is your side button’s Buy Button.’

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Event tracking

Event conditions such as CTA, Click, and Buy Button can be added for setting up call-to-action button event tracking. When you perform this setup process, all call-to-action button clicks are recorded as custom events by Google Analytics.

Two methods of setting up events tracking in WordPress

You can find two methods to connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics and customize events. The on click parameter can be added on your link manually or you can use the MonsterInsights Custom Link attribution feature.

The first method demands some coding knowledge. If you want to create event tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress easily, you can make use of the second method.

MonsterInsights make the setup process extremely simple. You can perform this task in a few minutes. There is no need to worry about any coding knowledge.

google analytics


Get stats that matter with MonsterInsights and grow your business

When you make use of the MonsterInsights Custom Link Attribution feature, adding custom event tracking to your custom links becomes amazingly easy.

If you install the latest version of the plugin, you can start using this wonderful feature. For your WordPress site, MonsterInsights offers a built-in Google Analytics Dashboard.

It generates various types of reports including audience report, behavior report, content report, eCommerce report, forms report, search console report, and custom dimensions report which help you filter through the noise and access stats that really matter.

Creating event tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress using MonsterInsights

For creating custom event tracking in WordPress links, you just need to add the relevant data-variable tags to your link’s HTML.

When you complete this process, MonsterInsights will start performing the tracking of your WordPress links and generate detailed reports.

If you open the Publishers Report in MonsterInsights, you can watch data from your custom event tracking link, Insights> Reports> Publisher

If you choose to add on click parameter on your link manually, you need to possess certain JavaScript skills.

Compared to this method, MonsterInsights Custom Link attribution method is more effective, easier, and faster as well.


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