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How To Improve Core Web Vitals With Site Speed Reports

Do you want to know how to improve your user experience and take your business – website to the next level? With the new Site Speed report you’ll improve user’s experience by checking out how quickly your website loads and obtain insights about making it even faster.

Also, you may get to ascertain a preview of our limited-time Year within the Review report. See how your site did in 2020, what strategies worked, and far more.

So, let’s take an in-depth look

Improve User Experience with New Site Speed Report

Having an internet site that loads quickly helps you provide an exceptional user experience. And when users have an excellent experience, they will stay longer on your website, visit more pages, and simply convert into customers.

Not only that, but you’ll also see an improvement in your rankings. That’s because starting May 2021, Google goes to use it as a ranking factor and includes it as a part of Core Web Vitals.

These are a group of things Google will use to ascertain what sort of experience your visitors get once they visit your website. it’ll check out your website’s speed, responsiveness, and of course how fast it loads the visual elements.

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This is where the Monsterinsights Site Speed report can assist you out to measure the site’s page speed and furthermore improve user experience and boost Google rankings.

Using the report, you’ll easily measure how briskly your website loads for your visitors. You’ll get an overall score for your site speed on mobile and desktop.

Besides that, you’ll also get to ascertain important stats to enhance your user experience like:

Server reaction time – is that the time it takes for your website server to reply to your request and return data to load the web site

First Contentful Paint – shows you the time it takes to load visual elements like fonts and pictures on your website

Time to Interactive – it’s the time your page first starts loading to when it’s not loading and is prepared to reply to user interactions, like filling out a form

Total Blocking Time – measures the time it takes until your visitors can interact together with your website

That’s not all! MonsterInsights also will assist you to improve your website’s page load speed.

It offers a goal for every metric that you simply should aim for on your website. And it provides recommendations to form your webpages load within seconds. as an example, you’ll boost your server reaction time with a WordPress caching plugin.

site speed
Site Speed Report

Sneak Preview – Year in Review

Do you want to understand how your site performed in 2020 and the possible ways to improve it?

The Year in Review report gives an entire picture of what worked and what didn’t work on your site. It helps you create benchmarks for next year and fine-tune your strategy to grow your business.
For instance, you’ll determine which pages got the foremost traffic, so you’ll target similar topics for 2021. And which search terms helped attract more visitors, so you’ll identify new keyword opportunities to spice up your organic traffic.

The report also helps you see how your eCommerce store performed in 2020. See what proportion of revenue you made, what percentage of products you sold, and which was your hottest product. Then use these insights to plan for 2021 and make the New Year even bigger.


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