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How to Boost Sales with Popular Posts Lists in WordPress

Have you been using MonsterInsights to tally up what percentage of people view your pages and posts and Google Analytics has been neatly storing away all that data for you? Well, don’t worry. With Popular Posts, you’ll start making your valuable analytics data work for you in almost no time.

In this article, we’ll cover the way to add the highest 5 Posts (from the past 30 days) to your curated list of Popular Posts. This unique feature won’t only keep your readers glued to your content, they’ll wanna come for more.

Step 1: Found out the Post Type Custom Dimension

The Post Type custom dimension must be in situ for all this to figure correctly. Follow our how-to guide to line up the custom dimension in MonsterInsights and connect it to your Google Analytics account.

Step 2: Wait 24-48 Hours for Data

If you didn’t have the Post Type custom dimension found out before, you’ll get to wait around 24 hours for it to require effect in Google Analytics.

Step 3: Specify How Popular Posts are Sorted

Navigate to Insights » Popular Posts » Inline Popular Posts » Sort By.

Click on the Curated radio button.

Popular Posts Sort By Option: Curated

Click inside the text area below the Curated radio button. A drop-down list will appear. Select from the drop-down list or start typing within the title of your post to try to an inquiry.

Once a post is chosen, it’s automatically added to the text area. Each selection is added to the list. to get rid of a variety, click on the x icon ahead of the post title that you simply wanted to be removed.

Step 4: Add the highest 5 Posts from Google Analytics

Navigate to Insights » Popular Posts » Inline Popular Posts » Automated + Curated.

Click the Add Top 5 Posts from the Google Analytics toggle button to slip to the on position. A Check configuration button will appear below the toggle button.

Click on the Check configuration button. If the check configuration is successful, you’ll see the subsequent message.

Otherwise, if you’re missing a setting, like the specified Post Type custom dimension, you’ll be conveniently guided on where to travel to repair it.

Don’t worry about saving all of your changes. Our auto-save feature makes sure your settings are saved. Or if you would like, scroll copy to the highest of the page and click on the Save Changes button.

To see the work that you simply just did, confirm you’ve inserted your inline Popular Posts somewhere on your site. Then, visit that page to ascertain your curated top 5 posts proudly on display. Well Done!


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