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How To: Easy Hack to Boost Website Speed

Boost website speed is one of the main things that you have to take care of in order to rank high in Google Search results.

Google’s Page Experience update is an update that began carrying out in June of 2021 and incorporates Core Web Vitals as another ranking factor.

Therefore, your site needs to pass the new Core Web Vitals test to get the best spots in Google’s search results.

While it sounds stupid that a Google item can affect its own Core Web Vitals score, the Google Analytics following content can dial back your site and influence your score if it is not high performance-optimized.

Fortunately, there is the MonsterInsights plugin. Users of MonsterInsight shouldn’t be worried about Google Analytics!

How to Boost Website Speed – Quicker Script Loading

MonsterInsights 7.8 update, will make your module’s content load as quick as possible. The content was at that point stacking rapidly, however by refreshing how it loads, we can be certain that MonsterInsights is lightning quick for ideal Core Web Vitals scores.

Additionally, by refreshing the Performance Addon you can host the gtag.js script locally on your server.

That way, you can reduce the load time of your site by decreasing the number of external resources that your site needs to load.

Naturally, Google Analytics has a two-hour store time. By serving the content locally, you can have full authority over the storing of the file, which further minimizes load time.

Additionally, the Performance addon, to ensure it is up to date, will consequently get the most recent gtag.js record from Google every 24 hours.

Conclusion: Faster script loading and the Performance Addon feature option to host gtag.js locally boost website speed and help your readers/clients decrease site load time to achieve optimal Core Web Vitals scores.


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