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How to Add a Google Analytics Statistics Dashboard on WordPress 

Google Analytics Statistics Dashboard on WordPress

Google Analytics is an essential tool for anyone who needs to keep track of the traffic their blog or website receives.

When utilized properly, Google Analytics will tell you:

1). How many people visited your website and who they were?

2). The technologies and avenues they used to find and access your website

3). What they did on your website, the sections they frequented and the time it took them to finally leave.

4). The number of visitors that ultimately became loyal customers.

Google Analytics isn’t a luxury. If you can harness the variables mentioned above, you can completely transform your marketing strategy.

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Adding the Google Analytics Statistics Dashboard to Word Press

Technically speaking, the process of installing Google Analytics in WordPress is straightforward.

You just have to add the tracking code to the header of your theme. Of course, just because the process is straightforward doesn’t make it easy.

If you know nothing about coding in Word Press, you are encouraged to skip this step altogether because you are just as likely to break your website.

And even if you succeed, this method is restrictive because it will require you to visit the Google Analytics Website to view your stats.

There is no point in exposing yourself to all those complications when you could just as easily use a statistics dashboard accessible from within Word Press.

This is where plugins enter the picture.

To be more specific, this is where ‘Monster Insights’ enters the picture.

What is Monster Insights?

MonsterInsights was the brainchild of Joost da Valk who is also responsible for Yoast SEO.

Monster Insights was initially called Google Analytics by Yoast’.

But then, Syed Balkhi rebranded the plugin and Monster Insights, as it is known today, was born.

The plugin is designed to simplify analytics for beginners.

Using Monster Insights

There are no complications associated with this plugin. To make use of its statistics dashboard, you just have to follow these steps:

1). Start by downloading the plugin. Once the file is in place, initiate the installation process.

2). Once the installation completes, look for the settings page. You can find it in the ‘insights’ Menu which the installation would have added to Admin Panel in WordPress.  The objective here is to enter your license key.

3). With that done, look for a button labeled connect MonsterInsights’. It is located on the same settings page below the box in which you entered the license key. Pressing the button will take you to your Google accounts page.

4). Once you sign in, you must click the allow’ button to give the plugin access to your Google Analytics account. Select the site profile and then bring the entire process to an end by clicking complete Authentication’.

Adding a statistics dashboard to your WordPress site is that simple.

What Does Monster Insights Do?

Once this plugin is in place, you can view all the statistics that relate to your site via a widget or the custom dashboard.

1). Widget

The dashboard widget provides an overview of statistics like the

Total sessions,


Average session duration,

Total posts,

and New vs. Returning visitors report,

to mention a few.

You can see your stats for the last seven days or the last thirty days. You can also customize the widget to see the ‘Publishers’ and ‘Commerce’ Report.

2). Custom Dashboard

By going to ‘insights’ and then ‘reports’, you can get a more detailed presentation of your stats via the plugin’s custom dashboard, which is quite beautiful.

Besides the Overview Report (which you get from the widget), and the ‘Publishers’ and Commerce’ report, you will see the ‘Search Console Report’.



It digs into your website’s top 50 search terms, delving into impressions, average position, clicks, and likes.

The ‘Custom Dimensions Report‘ looks at top keywords, custom post types, top authors, and other significant custom dimensions.

You also get a ‘Forms Report’, U Compliance Add on’, ‘Engagement Tracking’, ‘Affiliate Links’, B Instant Articles’, ‘SEO Tracking’, and so much more.

The plugin has a free version and a pro version. So the features you get will depend on the version you use.

The free version will provide a sessions’ Chart, pageviews’ Chart, and a device Breakdown’.

This is on top of segmenting your users using their country as the criteria.

Monster Insights isn’t cheap but the benefits are worth the financial investment. Every website requires Google Analytics. MonsterInsights makes the tool accessible for beginners.


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