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How to Gain Weight – 10 Easy Tips to Follow

Being underweight and skinny can be as bad for your health as being overweight or obese.

Whether you are underweight or you just want to gain muscle weight in this article you will find simple strategies on how to gain weight.

What does it mean to be underweight?

Being underweight means that you have a body mass index lower than 18.5 (BMI). On the contrary,  a body mass index above 25, is considered overweight and over 30, obese.

However, these are mainly indicative numbers, as the numbers are different for each person (gender, age, exercise, etc.). Being underweight does not automatically mean that you can not be healthy.

However, the health issues that are usually faced by some of those who have lower than the clinically recommended weight, are infertility, developmental problems (mainly in adolescence), weak immune system, osteoporosis, malnutrition, etc. In any case,  ask a doctor and a dietitian-nutritionist.

How to Gain Weight?

When someone wants to gain weight it is important to do it right. What does this mean? Consuming high-calorie beverages or sweets can help you gain weight but can also be dangerous for your health.

If you want to gain weight (muscle mass and fat) you should follow a diet plan that includes all those foods that contain all the necessary nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and trace elements). That way you will achieve your goal safely.

The most important thing for weight gain is to consume more calories than you burn.

For slow and steady weight gain, it is recommended to consume about 300-500 calories more per day. It is important to consume foods high in carbohydrates at every meal of the day.

how to gain weight

Even more important nutrient to gain healthy weight is protein-rich foods (various types of meat, fish, eggs, many dairy products, nuts, etc.) which is also the main nutrient for building muscle.

 Exercise, ideally with resistance exercises (weights, machines, tires) at least 3 times per week is essential for anyone who wants to be sure that these extra calories will not be stored as fat. Instead, they will help muscle growth. Also is recommended to eat some kind of protein snack after training.

Healthy weight gain comes from increasing your daily caloric intake with healthy foods low in saturated fat in combination with regular exercise.

This is because the body has a specific “stage” in which it feels comfortable and resists a change. In any case, both weight loss and intake are two undeniably difficult journeys that require proper planning, system, perseverance, patience. Last but not least is the support of your family and the help of a specialist nutritionist.

Here are 10 tips on how to gain weight fast and easily:

  • Drink more whole milk. 
  • Don’t drink water before meals. 
  • Eat more often. Take a snack whenever you can.
  • Use bigger plates. 
  • Add cream to your coffee. 
  • Eat high protein foods first and your vegetables last. 
  • Try weight gainer shakes because they are high in carbs, proteins, and calories.
  • Don’t smoke. Quitting smoking most of the time leads to weight gain.
  • Get quality sleep. that will help you in muscle growth.
  • Take muscle building supplement “creatine monohydrate”.it will help you to gain muscle weight.

Before starting a new diet or/and an exercise program please consult your doctor


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