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The 5 Rules to Gain a Flat Belly

To gain a flat belly it is only a matter of beauty. We are used to thinking like that, but remember that losing belly fat is primarily a health issue.

The extra weight in the abdomen has been linked with many unpleasant diseases. You can be young and not need to employ all this, however, we should learn early how to keep our body in good condition, because later it is known that starting with new patterns is more difficult.

So to take care of your precious health and to wear again those old favorite jeans of yours, follow these 5 rules! The following rules will make your pounds go away and you will gain a sexy belly!

Rules to Gain a Flat Belly

1. Don’t diet, just eat healthily

 You probably have heard different opinions and different ways of how to lose weight and gain a flat tummy. “The best diet is the banana diet.” “No, the best is the pineapple diet.” “No, to look like a model you should not be eating carbohydrates again in your whole life.”

Whichever of the above you will decide to follow, you will lose some pounds but your mind will be exhausted by the dedication required to follow that specific diet. Do not do it.

Eat delicious and healthy dishes that will satisfy your sense of taste. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, salmon, green tea, fish, chicken. Enjoy a fresh salad and a yummy smoothie, the options are numerous and cover any taste.

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2. Eat simple foods

 When you go to the supermarket you must learn to spend more time where the meat and dairy products are, and not on the shelves with processed foods.

If you look at their packaging, you will read a whole lot of unknown ingredients, a chemical trick designed to intrigue only certain sensors in your language, such as salty and sweet.

You must learn to eat foods that have few ingredients.

3. Eat frequent meals

 You can control hunger effectively by controlling the energy your body needs.

If you eat regularly your body reacts normally having the energy that it needs and the mind escapes the feeling of gluttony. Eat every three hours, always starting with breakfast.

Those who do not have breakfast have four times more risk of becoming obese. If you eat regularly, you will lose pounds simply because you’re satiated and your mind will think logically.

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4. Drink water, not sugar

 When you wake up in the morning drink a glass of water. Drink another one or two hours later, and another before lunch. We are not finished. Another in the afternoon, and one before dinner.

This habit can reduce the “hunger” for soft drinks during the day. Up to 450 calories per day can be loaded with some of the drinks that are full of sweeteners.

So, to lose weight and to gain a flat belly, drink a lot of water, and instead of a soft drink enjoy fresh juice, your coffee, or a cup of green tea.

flat belly

5. Learn to cook

OK, I know delivery is an easy and convenient solution but it costs. Not only in your pocket but also in the control of your life.

You allow others to have the first and last word on your health and on your diet. Think about it and you will see that this is a huge mistake. We are what we eat! So don’t eat trash food.

The home-cooked meal gives you satisfaction to decide about your body’s healthy nutrition, it’s good for your pocket and ensures that your diet does not misbehave.

Enjoy your flat belly!


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