1200 calories diet
1200 calories diet

1200 Calories Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The 1200 Calories diet plan, will help you safely lose as many pounds as you want.

During the holidays, none of us wanted strict dietary restrictions.

On the other hand, according to recent research, during the festive season, we gain an average of 3 extra kilos.

That’s why we often look for a fast weight loss. We search for a diet that will help us to lose, in a record time, our unwanted pounds. But a panic diet is not the answer.

The so-called deprivation diets not only deprive our body of important nutrients but they train it to regain what it lost very quickly and often to double it!

Only a balanced Mediterranean diet and small and frequent meals can help us lose extra pounds. The recommended weight loss by dietitians is half to one Kg per week.

What will really help is a balanced low-calorie weight loss diet combined with exercise.

Exercise increases burning and at the same time muscle tissue burns fat and if we have patience it can significantly change our body. Aerobic exercise even contributes to the loss of fat in the abdominal area.

The Advantages of the 1200 Calories Diet

  1. We lose about 1 kg per week safely, as according to the World Health Organization a loss of 4 kg per month is an ideal solution to ensure good health.

  2. It can be extended for as long as we want (depending on the amount of fat we want to lose), because it is balanced, it contains foods from all food groups, in order not to be deprived of any nutrients.

  3. Easy to make, contains mainly foods that can be consumed by the whole family, without getting into the process of preparing something special for our own diet.

1200 Calories Diet Weekly Plan

The energy efficiency of the diet is about 1,200 – 1,300 calories for women.

If the calories in this diet seem low for your height and your intense daily physical activity, you can increase your energy intake by 100 or 200 calories, depending on how many extra calories you need. In that case, you can include more snacks in your diet or increase little the amount of food.

However, if you think that instead of increasing your calories you should reduce them, due to your height or due to your reduced physical activity, you can achieve this by reducing the total amounts of all types of food, and not skipping whole meals. You can, for example, eat 1 small fruit instead of 2 fruit juices.

1200 calories diet
1200 calories diet

Do and Don’t

  • You can eat dinner in the afternoon and vice versa, but you can not exchange the lunch of one day with the lunch or dinner of another.

  • Determine the meal times yourself, depending on your daily activities.

  • Feel free to add pepper, lemon, vinegar, mustard, fresh spices, and salt to your food.

  • You can drink coffee, tea, or other sugar-free beverages.

  • Whenever your diet recommends meat, choose lean meat. The grams specified are calculated on a piece of pure boneless cooked meat.


Breakfast: 1 glass of milk (1.5% fat) * Or a cup of muesli

Snack:* 1 fruit

Lunch:* 120 gr. grilled or boiled fish * 1 small boiled or grilled potato * 1 salad with 1 tablespoon olive oil

Afternoon:* 1 fruit or 2 prunes

Dinner:* 1 small sandwich with wholemeal bread, 1 teaspoon olive paste, 30 gr. low-fat cheese (cream cheese or cottage cheese), and tomato * 1 small green salad (with 1 teaspoon olive oil)

Breakfast:* 1 glass of milk (1.5% fat) * 1 small slice of bread * 1 teaspoon of honey or jam

Snack:* 1 fruit

Lunch:* 1 cup of spinach or green rice or risotto with mushrooms and vegetables, 1 slice of bread, 30 gr. feta cheese, or 60 gr. lean cheese (cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc.)

Afternoon:* 1 cup of yogurt (2% fat, 240 g) * 2 tablespoons nuts

Dinner:* 1 tuna salad (with tuna in water, lettuce, and 1 tablespoon olive oil)

Breakfast:* 1 glass of fresh orange juice * 1 slice of rye bread * 30 gr. low-fat cheese

Snack:* 1 cup of yogurt (2% fat, 240 gr.)

Lunch:* 120 gr. grilled chicken or turkey fillet * 1 serving of green salad with 1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 small boiled or roasted potato or ½ cup of rice.

Breakfast:*1 glass of milk (1.5% fat) with ½ cup of cereal

Snack: 1 fruit

Lunch:* 1 cup of beans, *1 slice of bread,60 gr. lean cheese (cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc.)

Afternoon:1 fruit

Dinner:* Roasted mushrooms without fat, e.g. oil (quantity free) * 1 serving of salad with 1 teaspoon of olive oil * 1 slice of bread

Breakfast:* 1 glass of milk (1.5% fat) with 2 ½ spoons of breakfast cereals

Snack:1 fruit

Lunch:* Boiled spaghetti (1cup) with 3 tablespoons tomato sauce *3 tablespoons lean minced meat * 1 tablespoon grated cheese (parmesan) * 1 small salad with 1 teaspoon olive oil

Afternoon:* 1 fruit

Dinner:* 1 chef salad (seasonal vegetables, 1 slice of lean toast cheese, 1 slice of boiled turkey, 1 boiled egg) with 1 tablespoon of light mayonnaise sauce and ketchup

Breakfast:* 1 cup of yogurt (2% fat) * 1 fruit

Snack:* 1 fruit

Lunch:* 1 cup of legumes (cooked with 1 tablespoon of olive oil per serving), 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 30 gr. cheese.

Afternoon:* 1 fruit

Dinner:* 1 medium Arabic pie with 1 slice of low-fat cheese and 1 slice of boiled turkey and vegetables

Breakfast:* 1 glass of milk (1.5% fat) * 2 tablespoons oats * 1 teaspoon honey

Snack:* 1 fruit

Lunch:* 120 gr. grilled beef fillet or steak (without visible fat) or 2 beef burgers (lean minced meat) * 1 small boiled or roasted potato or a cup of rice * 1 salad with 1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 slice of bread

Afternoon:* 1 fruit

Dinner:* 1 vegetable omelet (without oil in a non-stick pan, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon grated cheese) * 1 small green salad with 1 teaspoon olive oil

It is very important to:

1. Commit to yourself. A prerequisite for starting a diet is to be your decision. On the contrary, it is difficult to cope with such a trial when you do it to satisfy other people’s wills.

2. Set realistic goals. Never aim to lose more than a Kg per week. Also, don’t forget that starting a diet involves a change in your lifestyle.

Avoid categorical statements that may very quickly be directed against you. Phrases like: “I do not put sweets in my mouth again” or “I will exercise every day”.

Probably this will awake feelings of guilt in you as soon as you find yourself in a moment of weakness. At that moment the feeling of failure is very likely to discourage you.

3. Do not skip meals. It is wrong to try speeding up the diet by skipping meals. Even if you are not hungry most of the time this does not have the desired results.

The process of eating during the day is a “ritual” that keeps the body alert.

  • Before starting any new diet and/or an exercise program please consult your doctor