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Guacamole – Michelin Star Recipe

Chef Roberto Ruiz, from the Michelin-starred Mexican restaurant in Madrid Punto MX, gives the recipe for the best guacamole that you will ever make. Although it is the traditional Mexican recipe, it has some interesting twists that definitely enhance its taste. Guacamole Recipe

chocolate sorbet

Chocolate Sorbet – Simply Delicious!

Today I will saw you how to make a vegan chocolate sorbet. Full of chocolate but dairy-free is an easy and a more healthy alternative to the classic chocolate ice cream. Try it at home and you will love it! Chocolate Sorbet Recipe You May Also Like: Vegan Ice Cream Recipes to Try at Home

banana bread

Banana Bread Recipe

Easy, tasty, and healthy, this banana bread recipe is great for using up overripe bananas! I love it, my 6 years old daughter loves it and you will love it too! Banana Bread Recipe


Sushi – Homemade Salmon Avocado Sushi

I love sushi! It’s by far my favorite food! Today I am going to saw you an easy recipe on how to make homemade sushi. You don’t need any special equipment. Follow my instructions below and enjoy fresh and delicious homemade sushi at no time. Homemade Sushi    

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