How To See The Keywords People Use To Find Your Website

The right use of keywords on your website not only helps you to communicate effectively with your visitors but also helps you get more search engine traffic.

Keywords are important for any website because these are the key phrases that users are searching for in search engines like Google.

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Importance of Tracking Keywords That Your Website Is Ranking For

For a business to rank highly on search engine results, the keywords or keyphrases used must be relevant to the products or services on offer.

It is, therefore, necessary for website owners to know the search terms that are sending them the most organic traffic from search engines as this helps them gain insight into their site’s performance on search engines.

Tracking these key phrases is also essential in determining whether your SEO strategies are effective as you will be able to know whether your targeted keywords match your website’s actual keywords.

If these key phrases do not match, then it is an indication that you need to rethink your SEO strategies by making the necessary adjustments that will make your website more SEO-friendly. This includes using the new key phrases to create fresh content for your website or blog.

How To Track Keywords That Your Site Is Ranking For

One of the most reliable tools that website owners can use to find the search phrases that people use to find their sites on Google is the Google Search Console.

The MonsterInsights plugin in WordPress helps bloggers and website owners connect their Search Console accounts with Google Analytics a web analytics service that helps them track and report their website’s performance.

It further allows site owners to see these keywords directly inside their WordPress dashboard including access to easy-to-understand Search Console reports.

By installing the MonsterInsights plugin and connecting it with your Google Analytics account, you will be able to get comprehensive and reliable Search Console reports inside your WordPress dashboard.

You can also view your website or blog’s keywords via your Search Console Account by visiting the Search Console website and signing in with your account.

From this website, you will be able to view your site’s search analysis report that includes the search keywords that your website is ranking for. Other tools include SEMRush a paid SEO tool that lets you conduct organic research as well as keyword research.

It is important to create content around keywords that your website or blog is already getting favorable traffic or ranking for as this will increase your organic traffic and further improve your search engine rankings.