morning yoga for beginners

Morning Yoga for Beginners – Asanas to Fight Depression

Morning Yoga for Beginners – The benefits of yoga practice are many. It has been repeatedly reported in studies that yoga can help with health problems such as depression, anxiety, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and thyroid problems.

Ιt has been found that morning yoga practice reduces significantly the intense stress as well as cortisol levels in our body while it enhancing the production of a protein that helps the growth of our brain.

Morning Yoga for Beginners – Positive Effects on Psychology

The practice of yoga brings us closer to our body, offers us pleasant emotions during exercise, and improves the sexual function of both sexes.

It is also worth noting that during the quarantine more and more people turned to online yoga lessons, due to stress and anxiety from home confinement.

Below are 6 asanas (body postures), suitable for beginners, that will help you to fight stress:


This is an easy posture. Sit comfortably, with the knees bent, the spine straight, the shoulders relaxed, with the hands-on the knees and the palms facing up.

Sukhasana posture is usually done at the beginning of the practice to relax by taking deep breaths through the nose and exhaling through the nose again.

You can close your eyes if you want, counting every inhale and every exhale you make 4 times.

morning yoga for beginners

Or the bridge posture. This asana can alleviate stress, migraines, and insomnia.

Lie on your back, leaning on your shoulders and not on your neck, bring your feet very close to your pelvis, your hands next to your torso with your palms down.

Inhale and lift your buttocks without moving your legs or arms. With the glutes try to rise a little higher.

Count to 5 as you inhale and exhale.

morning yoga for beginners
Morning Yoga for Beginners





Or the mountain pose. In this posture, we try to be in a full alignment, without doing lordship.

Tighten the abdomen area and pull in the buttocks. If you want, get up on your toes trying to balance and stretch your arms high. Stay for 4 to 5 breaths.

morning yoga for beginners


Or the boat pose. Sit with your back straight, your legs bent, and your feet resting on the mattress, bring your hands two palms behind your pelvis.

Lift your legs with your knees reaching chest height, stretch your legs forward, and place your arms next to your legs.

You try to balance, your abdomen is tight and your back is straight. Stay for 4 to 5 breaths.


Or the child pose. It is the resting position. To achieve this posture, rest your buttocks on your feet as you bend forward, with your arms either outstretched forward or sideways around you.

Stay for 4 to 5 breaths. You rest your head on the mattress.

morning yoga for beginners


Or corpse pose. Any yoga class ends with this asana. This position is necessary as during the course we have gone through many stops and our pulse has increased.

This asana is considered one of the most important as it sheds energy. It seems simple but it is not.

You need to surrender to complete relaxation without letting your thoughts affect you. This is something that requires a lot of patience and practice.

Lie on your back, close your eyes, place your hands next to your torso with your palms facing up, your legs as wide as your pelvis.

That way you will relax all the parts of your body that you feel there is still tension. Breathe through your nose and stay in that position for 3 to 4 minutes.

Slowly shake your fingers and toes, bring your knees to your chest, lean to the right, and slowly return to Sukhasana.

morning yoga for beginners
Morning Yoga for Beginners



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