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lose weight fast

Lose Weight Fast: Lose 18 pounds in 15 days

Do you want to lose weight fast? Are you in a hurry to fit into your new dress or your wedding dress? This easy diet, based on the Mediterranean diet, will help you to lose up to 18 pounds (8 Kilos) of extra fat in time express!

salad diet

Salad Diet – Lose 3kg (6.5 pounds) in a Week

Lose 3kg (6.5 pounds) in a week with this super salad diet! Salad Diet it’s an easy and healthy diet, targeting the “salad lovers”. Perfect for the summer it will help you lose up to 10kg (22 pounds) in a month but it will not let you be… hungry!

belly fat burning diet

The Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Diet

Belly Fat Burning Diet It;s an easy and healthy belly fat burning diet promises to loss of up to 6kg (13 pounds), mostly from your belly! Losing fat in the abdomen is a difficult task. As we get older and our hormone levels exhibit fluctuations, we become more prone to abdominal fat.

lose weight

Lose Weight Gain Energy

Τhis is a strict diet. It will help you not only to lose weight, 3-5 Kg (6 – 11 pounds), but also to regain your lost energy.

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