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Mediterranean Diet: Protector of Women’s Heart

Women who follow the Mediterranean diet are 25% less likely to develop heart and cardiovascular problems.

According to, Shafqat Ahmad, lead author of the study and researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.”Our study sends a strong message about public health. Even small changes in the already known risk factors for cardiovascular disease, especially those related to inflammation, glucose metabolism, and insulin resistance, contribute to the longer-term benefits of the Mediterranean diet for cardiovascular disease.”

“This awareness can have important implications for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease “.

The study involved more than 25,000 American women over a 12-year period.

They categorized according to their low, medium, or high degree of adherence to the Mediterranean diet, which prioritizes olive oil, fruits, and vegetables, and puts meat and sweets aside.

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Women with a high degree of obsession had a 28% lower risk of heart disease. The percentage fell to 25% in women with a medium degree of commitment and reached 23% in those with a low degree, averaging 25%.


The reduction in risk is similar to that provided by cholesterol-lowering drugs or other heart disease medications, the study authors said.

Previous studies have also linked the Mediterranean diet to a reduction in heart disease, without, however, clarifying the reasons, as this study does.

Shafqat Ahmad’s team found a correlation between the Mediterranean diet and the reduction of heart disease.

As it turns out, the Mediterranean diet represents 29% in reducing the risk of disease, the improvement in glucose metabolism and insulin resistance represents 28%, and the lowest Body Mass Index 27%.

Researchers, also, have linked the Mediterranean diet to positive changes in blood pressure and cholesterol.

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